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Livingchy Condo Cabinets

#1 partner with successful real estate and hotel developers


Kitchen cabinets
Custom furniture and cabinetry
Small space optimization...
and everything else you may need


An Efficient Turnkey

Your Time is Valuable

Optimize it with a versatile and proactive partner for your real estate or hotel project. We’ll take it all on : kitchens, bathrooms, woodworking, custom made furniture, Murphy beds, and much more… your wish is our command.

Micro Spaces

Your Reduced Space: our Challenge

Discover not only our expertise but also our experience with reduced space housing projects. We will work in partnership with you to fully optimize your spaces, while making them more functional.


From the Most Affordable to the Most Upscale

Your Budget; Our Methods

We have been required to optimize smaller budgets for apartment projects. We have also had to transform the wildest of dreams into very real luxury condos. Let us know about your real estate projects and we will be there.

A Serial Design, personalized

Project Efficiency, Happy Residents

You need rapid production for several similar units? Understood. You would like us to meet with the residents of each unit for an adapted design? So be it.


All the Comfort Required to Build Customer Loyalty

Versatile Professionals for Dedicated Hoteliers

Beyond design, there is of course comfort. Thanks to LA PLACE, one of our partners member of the Livingchy Group, we go so far as adapting your mattress to reflect your image, the effigy of your name.

Some of our Hotel Customers


Our Accomplishments

Discover the extent of what we can do with some examples of the projects carried out with our hotel and real estate customers

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