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About Livingchy Condos Cabinets

Livingchy Condos Cabinets is a member of the Livingchy International Group: a conglomerate of several entities working in the field of creative living.

For nearly two decades, Livingchy Condos Cabinets has been the #1 partner of successful real estate developers and hoteliers. With more than 4,000 units and common areas to our credit, we have built a loyal clientele, which continues projects with us.

Our expertise

Your time is valuable. Doing business with Livingchy Condos Cabinets means choosing efficiency and optimizing your time. Choose a single partner for your entire project, your units, and your common areas: kitchens, bathrooms, cabinetry, custom furniture, Murphy beds, mattresses, and more. Ask and you shall receive.

Our Services



From big kitchens for luxury condos to micro kitchens for small spaces, we will create the ergonomic space your residents deserve, just the way you want them. 



We will work with you to produce uniquely designed bathrooms with all the desired features.

Custom Cabinetry

Paneling, lath walls, decorative structures, lift arches, TV cabinets or other specific functions... Tell us what you want and we will do it.


Murphy beds

We create thousands of multifunctional Murphy beds each year, to optimize your spaces according to your needs.

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